Tadashi Muto

Year: 3rd

Height: 184cm

Weight: 75cm

Jersey#= 9

Position : Power Forward

Kazuma Takasago

Year: 3rd year

Height: 191cm

Weight: 80kg

Jersey#= 5

Position: Center

Team center player and tallest in the team, guarded Akagi and other centers and Hanamichi.

Soichiro Jin

Year: 2nd

Height: 189cm

Weight: 71kg

Position: Shooting Guard

Jersey #= 6

Considered one of the best 3 point shooters in kanagawa.

Earned MVP award In kanagawa District Regionals

Nobunaga Kiyota

Year: 1st

Position: Small Forward

Year Height/Weight: 178 cm, 65 kg 

Jersey # = 10

Self Proclaimed = Number 1 rookie. Has good experience knows how to play basketball.

Got his first High school victory with kainan


Shinichi Maki

Kainan Captain led victory with them 1st place in the regional district for 3times out of his 3 high school years and 3/17 kainan consecutive victory.

Very skilled in the anime said who ever maki is covering in defence or up against personally is such an honor. That was said from kiyota the hanamichi like character.

He is a 3rd year

Jersey #= 4

Height/Weight: 184 cm, 79 kg

Earned MVP award In kanagawa District Regionals

Position: Point Guard