Akira Sendoh

Year : 2nd

Height: 190cm

Weight: 79kg

Jersey#= 7

Position: Small Forward

Ryonan Ace Player

Earned MVP award In kanagawa District Regionals

Jun Uozumi

Year: 3rd Year

Height: 202cm

Weight: 90kg

Position: Center

Jersey#= 4

Team Captain, and Akagi's Rival he always competes with Akagi and his goal is to defeat Akagi

Kicchou Fukuda

Year: 2nd year

Height: 188cm

Weight: 80cm

Position: Power Forward

Jersey#= 13

Good offensive play bad defensive play.

Hiroaki Koshino

Year: 2nd

Height: 174cm

Weight: 62kg

Jersey#= 6

Position: Shooting Guard