Ryota Miyagi

Year: 2nd

Height: 168cm

Weight: 59kg

Jersey #= 7

Position: Point Guard

2nd year student a trouble maker along rukawa, sakuragi, mitsui.

He was the only one in the previous year with Akagi that were good in the team but still lost in the first round.

He has a crush with ayako, and played basket ball to make her happy

Kaede Rukawa

Year: 1st

Height: 187cm

Weight: 75kg

Jersey #= 11

Position: Small Forward

He is known as the super rookie freshmen.Does not speak alot he does not want any person to interupt his sleep or else. His dream was to be number 1 in USA but after speaking with Coach Anzai that he should not do a mistake and rush. He decided to work hard to be Number 1 in Japan.

 Shohoku Ace Player

Earned an MVP award In Regional Kanagawa District.


Hanamichi Sakuragi

Year: 1st/ Freshmen

Height: 189

Weight: 83

Position: Power Forward

Jersey # = 10


He is a first year known to be a trouble maker in junior high. Sakuragi is known to be very powerful and always refused to join the judo team after he joined the basketball team for Haruko-san Akagi's little sister. Then it shows in the anime that he takes basket serious and in the manga he loves basketball. He progressed so fast and learned techniques so fast. He is the lead character and will be well known in the future by how he  developed tremendously.

Hisashi Mitsui


Year : 3rd Year/ Last

Height: 184cm

Weight: 70kg

Position: Shooting Guard

In middle school He was awarded the MVP and taking his team to win the regional 1st place when there was 10 seconds left and they needed to score 2pts to win. Has second past he was about to give up when he fell out of bounds and hurt his self he saw Anzai (coach of shohoku) when there anzai told him not to give up and there it is when they won. Mitsui Joined Shohoku at highschool because of coach Anzai. Sadly he could not compete in his 1st year because of an injury in a practice game between 1st years of shohoku. That made him quit the basketball team and hating basketball in his last year of school he joined again after making a big fight in the gym. He regained his title by winning an MVP award in the Kanagawa District

Jersey # = 14

Takenori Akagi

High School Year: 3rd Year/ Last Year

Height : 197cm

Weight : 90kg

Position: Center

 Akagi is Shohoku Basketball Captain

His Dream is to Conquer the Nation by qualifying to the Inter High first they need to get atleast 2nd in the Regional Kanagawa.

 This is when Akagi dream did not come true in the Regional Kanagawa District Tournament In the 1st round against a team who was in the top 16 ( Said In the anime in one of flash backs in an episode) Shohoku Lost against the top 16th team in the region. His 2nd year did not come true also after Losing in the 1st round because his team was not that strong, and he was leading a one man team and shohoku lost by 50 pts and more ( score was showed for a couple of seconds in one of the anime episodes)

Good luck came 3rd year when he struck luck with the comeback of Mitsui, and Miyagi, Super Rookie Rukawa Joining the team, and Sakuragi the lead character who is new to basketball and only played for a couple of months which he progressed so fast. Shohoku got 2nd place in the regional and

reached 3rd round in the Inter High. Akagi applied for the athletic University not by a scholorship because they could not able to win Aiwa

due to exhaustion of beating Former 1st place Sannoh in Inter High

He won an Mvp Award in regional District Kanagawa

Jersey# = 4